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Opinion: Fewer Colorado teens using marijuana

State of Medical Marijuana in Colorado as of January 2005
The program is new but it's working! Check this out!

Feds help local police fatten up on drug money
And you think only foreign country police are corrupt?

Don't Get Paranoid!
That's just what the Police want!

"Drug Check" on signpost is Fake!

2003 - Canadian Court Order
Forces Government To Sell Pot

"...saying current laws made "seriously ill, vulnerable people
deal with the criminal underworld to get medicine."

Drug War Addiction
Why is the American Government economically addicted to drug money?
Because a lot of people would have to get a real job if Pot/Hemp were legalized!

Drought has little effect on pot crops
Why don't we utilize hemp as good Americans should?
Because Hemp is basically too much competition for Big Business.

Marijuana's harm illusory
American Pot Laws Logistically Unsound?
"You bet!," says one Attorney.

What Doctors Have To Say
About Medical Marijuana

You heard me right - these are Doctors who are brave enought
to speak up against the madness of current drug policies.

In the War on Drugs, everyone's a loser!
Colorado Voices are speaking out against this waste of money!

Medical Marijuana and the Feds
The Feds don't want cannabis considered a viable medical substance,
they'll have to remove it from the Schedule One List of Narcotics
reserved for those substances that have no medically redeeming value.

The Hemp Time Line
An indepth look at our history of the 2nd Prohibition!

Think About It
The amount of money wasted on the 2nd Prohibition is scary!

The Elkhorn Manifesto
The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate
Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization

Johnny Marijuana Seed
In The Kentucky Hemp Fields - 1900

Hempology - The Definitive Hemp Library

The Meditation Room

What Does The Bible Say About Marijuana?

The Fantasy

Johnny's Sayings

Marijuana Growing Tips

Recipe Book

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