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Hi - Johnny's been on the road for a while, but, just yesterday we pinned him down with a question you have been asking. How do I get started growing my own marijuana? Well... first of all you need to get some seeds. How you do this depends on your area of the world and how legal it is to get them. The most popular way to get the seeds is to simply clean a bag of your favorite stuff and keep the seeds. Or, you can risk some of the on-line suppliers. Or, you can go to the countries that are hemp friendly and pick some up... how you get them across the border is at your risk and up to your ingenuity.

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In the past we have seen a lot of different methods for germinating seeds.
[Marijuana Seed]= a marijuana seed.
In the most popular opinion, the paper towel method works best.
This consists in placing the seeds between four or five damp paper towels
and then placing them in a warm place in your abode.
Sprouts should appear in about one to seven days.
It is important to prevent them from drying out.
A good practice is to spray mist them lightly every day.
As they sprout,
place them in a cube from an egg carton or other biodegradable container
with vermiculite or perlite.
It is suggested that you try this with only a few seeds at first
so you can get the hang of it before you commit your entire supply.

The next item you need to get your plants growing well is... lighting.

We recommend you visit these people for this need.

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Warning: The U.S.Supreme Court has ruled (January 2001) that using infrared heat detecting technology by law enforcement agencies is permissible and not an infringement or violation to your Civil Rights. Therefore if you start using lighting for growing marijuana remember the lights emit enormous amounts of heat and can be detected from the street outside your house. Hence, make sure you have an adequate air conditioning / cooling system to counter the temperature. Also, if you are using too much electricity they can tell and you would be a candidate for a "No-knock" raid by them obtaining a warrant based upon your utility bill. Therefore you may want to get a gas driven generator to produce your own electricity. Hint: open an ice cream store.


Whew! Now that that's been said...
when your plants start getting taller...
watch for them to start making little puff of leaves
and pinch off the inner part of the very leading edge of the plant.
This will cause them to branch out (split in two).

The more times you can get them to "branch out"
the more possible buddage you will be creating at an earlier stage in the plants life.
We've seen plants turn into bushes and by the time they're two feet tall,
have as many as ten - twenty bud bearing "limbs.

[Picture of Budding Plant][Picture of Budding Plant]

The only way to learn how to do this is by trial and error.
You need to be very careful while you're growing this particular type of plant
because you want to produce the very best buddage.


Go out and rent the movie "Saving Grace."
It's all about raising the plants in an indoor environment plus... its very funny.
Once you've got the right lighting watch your plants carefully.

If you have any questions at all please e-mail us with them.

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Getting High on Air Force One?

"...and, this guy is telling us what not to smoke?"



Plant Sex

Well Johnny came back through town...
we cornered him and he told us how to tell which sex the plant is
because, as we all know... it's the female plant that creates the finest and highest levels of THC.

Cannibus/Hemp/Marijuana comes in male, female and hermaphrodite.


Females are used for fiber, seed and herb.
Can you tell which of these plants is male and which is female?

Answer: Male flower is on left, female flower is on right.
The males are used for fiber and for breeding.
Hermaphrodites are plants with characteristics of both sexes that occur as a result of stress or genetics.
Only female plants of certain varieties of Cannabis can produce marijuana.
Unseeded female flowers are called sinsemilla (pronounced: sins-ami-a)
from the spanish phrase "sin semilla", which means literally "without seed."

It's hard to tell the sex of the plant until they are about 2 feet tall and start exhibiting their traits...
I've noticed that the males are skinnier and not as fluffy as the female...
this is normally at about two months old and have been "nipped in the bud" several times,
by this time many branches have developed.
The buddage of the female is very fluffy and hard to not notice...
at this age the male plants must be separated from the female
if you don't want the female to bear seeds...
other wise... just let the males grow until you get a grip as to which is which...
the males are always skinny runts with cannabis and will make very flowery (not fluffy) types of heads.

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