The Fantasy???


The year was 2087; one hundred and fifty years after the first laws where enacted to prohibit sale of the Cannabis Sativa plant. During that time, the industrial empire had futily waged war against the agricultural working class in order to prevent competition from a far superior renewable resource.

Corruption from a lucrative undermarket had all but disappeared.

Armies of "Bandits" had scattered so much hemp seeds from shore to shore on the North American continent that growth of this "weed" got out of control. Nowhere in the rural country sides could you go for any distance without seeing patches, even fields, of the stuff.

Country farmers let it grow because, "it was good for the soil." In addition, industrial hemp laws had finally been modified so that processing the fibers was once again permitted. Now, it was everywhere.

Smuggling marijuana into the country had ground to a halt. There wasn't any demand for it. Home grown varieties provided plenty of the good stuff to be found, "right in your own back yard." And, the import of the harder stuff almost ceased to exist because the availability of good "smoke" had removed desire from anyone for anything "harder." Gangs and crime families lost out on their undermarket systems which came to a halt; the polical senario had definitely changed.

People it seemed were happier. Beer sales dropped because the desire for alcohol induced consciousness became undesirable. Hense, violent crimes dropped as well as problems with those who drove or worked drunk. Accidents from alcohol related driving impairment allowed the cost of insurance to drop so that people could afford to drive with insurance and road rage was a thing of the past.

Counseling centers for the undisciplined marijuana users were effectively treating those who had self-esteem problems and no self-discipline toward imbibing. The method of ingestion changed from smoking the stuff to using vaporizers which allowed the pyrotechnic problems of lung damage to disappear. People who hadn't been able to stop smoking tobbacco did so with the help of this miracle drug.

Laws to prohibit underage cannabizing promoted celebrating rites of passage into adulthood. You had to be at least 18 years of age to any without adult supervision..

A "Nation Under God" became in vogue with the spiritual uses of Cannabis for religious purposes allowing for the spiritual peace which comes with "Having faith with an open Mind."

It was a long haul from the days of the "War on Drugs." It was recalled that millions of Americans had been thrown into prisons to endure longer minimum sentences than murderers. Many private "for profit" prisons had closed due to bankruptcy. Only state run facilities were in place for the incarceration and treatment of those criminals who had truly commited crimes against humanity.

Automobiles now ran on biomassoline. The air was cleaner and "global warming" was in reverse. You could actually see the Pacific ocean from the slopes of Beverly Hills and smog was a thing of the past. Sweat labor shops were disappearing because people were wearing clothes that lasted longer. Gone were garments designed for "Obsolesence"; versions made from polyester and rayon and other fabrics that even bugs wouldn't eat. Blended with silks and cottons hemp clothing proved to be a heck of a lot more comfortable, and didn't need dry cleaning with obscure petroleum derived solvents that were polluting the ground waters.

And, it was all due to the Legend of Johnny Marijuana Seed and his efforts to "Spread the Word... Spread the Seed... and get people to Imagine the Harvest; a better way!"

This true American hero actually inspired the import of thousands upon thousands of pounds of Cannabis seeds into the United States. They were dropped from the air and thrown out of cars by Bandits; representatives of Johnny Marijuana Seed. The message got out through hemp festivals with everyone preaching his non-violent form of retaliation against the Federal Drug Enforcement Agents who were blindly upholding unconstitutional mandates from an out-of-control Congress appointed Bureau of Narcotics known as the DEA. They had to be weaned from the profitable self-sustaining Property seizure acticities and no-knock entries into American homes all across the country with absolutely no regard for the United States Constitution or its Bill of Rights guaranteeing everyone safety from such attrocities.

Indeed it was a new day and the grand children of Johnny were very happy to reap the benefits of this modest, unassuming American hero.

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