Johnny Sayings

Are you ready for a riddle?

What is greater than God;
Worse than the Devil;
Dead people eat it;
and, if you eat it you will die?

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What did John The Baptist say when he found out that America made hemp illegal
and was using synthetic fibers for everything?

"Stop synth-ing and re-hemp!"


In the Absence of communication the imagination takes over
and fills in the blank with all kinds of weird stuff.
So... Communicate... and save your imagination for dreaming your dreams.


Once upon a time
in a far away place
there once lived a muppet
with the nickname of Ace.

He pranced and he pranced
and he pranced all the day
until he went wandering
and soon lost his way.

He sat and he pondered
"Oh, what will I do?"
Then he threw up his hands
and shouted, "Oh pooh!"

Then, "That tree over there
to the top I will climb
and I'll look ore the land
for the church bells that chime."

He spotted the church
For it wasn't that far
though it'd be so much faster
if Ace had a car.

So in that direction
whether be east or be west
he climbed down that tree
and he pranced at his best.

He skipped and he twirled
and my friends not a doubt
but what should he see
but his house come about.

"Oh! Happy I'm home
I could shine like a penny,"
and then, "Oh my gosh
its almost 4:20."

So he rolled up an herb
that was garland with lace
and thats how he became
the muppet called Ace!

For generations the Hemp plant has been used in harmony with the earth. Hempyreality.

Empyreality pertains to the highest heaven in the cosmology of the ancients.
It was believed by the ancients to contain the purest elements of light.
Hempyreality is the highest heaven known to contain fire... or in its finest form... light!
Let Hemp light your mind to the realities of saving our planet Earth... our home, our spaceship, our mother.

Life, Happiness and the Pursuit of Liberty (in that order)... that is our American Heritage...

I wish you well in your thinking, be your thoughts worthy of you.

Take your time becomming who you are... there is no one else like you in all the Universe of Universes.

Liberty is something you earn.
Freedom is something given you.

Don't waste your right to vote... or it could be taken from you.

Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. So, light up and shine on!

If to think is to create... what are you thinking about now?

Suggestion????? Spend your time wishing well for others!

Rehearse random thoughts of wishing well upon others.

The money war, should worry me... no!.

Only you and your "Divine Thought Self" know what you are thinking... that's your Privilege.

Learn from the I Am within that You Are.

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