There seems to be some ideational confusion regarding Marijuana.

You see... there are three distinct areas which need to be addressed in order to dispel the confusion about Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana.

Cannabis is medicinal
Hemp is industrial and agricultural
Marijuana is recreational

It is the same genus of plant - Cannabis sativa,
they're just grown differently to produce different results.

#1 - Cannabis is the dried pistillate parts of Indian hemp. A pistil is the ovule-bearing or seed-bearing organ of a flower, consisting when complete of ovary, style, and stigma. The stigma is the part of the pistil which receives the pollen carried to it either by a bee, a butterfly, or the wind. The cannabinoids derived from the collection of this very sticky and stinky (good smelling stinky) substance is the part which can be used medicinally and act as a powerful remedy for the relief of all kinds of human ailments. Usually the best cannabinoid producing plants are grown at least 4 - 5 feet away from each other. Cannabis is the medicinal side of marijuana/hemp. It has been used as a medicine for thousands of years.

It was on the pharmacopoeia of the United States until a United States Congressional Conspiracy ordered the American Medical Association to remove it and placed a prohibitive tax on its possession which grew into the current "War on Drugs."

#2 - Hemp is cannabis that is grown close together. It can be harvested much like the cotton plant. There is no room for the branching out and creation of the kind of flowers in the manner that is common to the highly cannabinoid producing plants of the same genus. Therefore it contains literally no THC (the substance considered too evil and potent for legal use; some claim it is addictive, but it's not. Hemp grows to 14 feet high. It is an annual, moraceous (look it up in your dictionary) herb. Its tough and very strong fibers have been used for making ropes, canvas and fine linen for clothing humans for thousands of years.

It can be used as a biomass source of heating and automotive fuels, and while it grows, it uses up the carbons (i.e. Co2) emitted by its burning to make oxygen. Dinosaur petroleum produces carbon but no oxygen. Carbon is the element which is currently causing global warming and promotes dehydration, cancers, and other human ailments. Hemp is the industrial and agricultural side of cannabis/marijuana. Banning the usage of hemp has crippled this country, our economy and our home planet, Earth.

The truly incredible aspect of hemp is that it is actually one of the earths finest foods.

It contains a more balanced and complete array of essential fattie acids which act to promote healthy digestion, mineral absorption and balancing of the electrolytic environment.



#3 - Marijuana is the recreational side of cannabis. It it the above first description of cannabis but used like alcohol to relax with. Many very creative people have used marijuana to stimulate their creative juices. Artists, musicians, entertainers, computer programmers, business executives, house husbands and wives, and kids of all ages are currently smoking marijuana to achieve an enhanced and altered perspection of their worlds. It is currently obtained on a black market created by the imposition of laws banning it as a controlled substance. The result of which has 600,000 individual Americans currently (illegally) imprisoned and labeled as criminals by the judicial/military/prison industrial complex. The banning of it has created a "prohibition Mafia" style underground of drug dealers and gangs making the price per pound skyrocket out of control. This is currently the worlds largest cash crop. Because of the "controlled substance" status of marijuana, hemp has not been allowed to flourish as it once did in this country.

The draft of the Constitution of the United States of America was written on hemp paper. Congress tried to prohibit the usage of Alcohol between 1919 and 1933 to no avail. No good came from that. What was needed was good old American Self-discipline to maintain control of alcohol, not a law created by self-serving prohibitionists. And guess what??? Marijuana is a lot less dangerous than alcohol. 400,000 deaths a year are attributable to alcohol. It's legal? Millions die yearly from tobacco. It's legal? More people die from car accidents than have ever died from marijuana. 100,000 people die from doctors in legitimate hospitals each year. SCARY!!!

Guess how many people die per year from using marijuana??? O - Zero - Zilch - Zip - Nadda. NO-One has ever died from using marijuana. Many have died in the "War on Drugs" however. Now... Does that make any sense???? No!

Contrary to popular belief, smoking one marijuana cigarette is not the same as smoking ten regular tobacco cigarettes. That's just more Propaganda from the current administration wagging the dog while the tail is pulling a fast one on you.

Oh! Dios Mia!



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