The Legend of Johnny Marijuana Seed

The story of the legend of Johnny Marijuana Seed:

Ever since Spanish missionaries first carried plants to California in the 1700s,
explorers and pioneers have innocently brought all kinds of familiar plants to America.
The dandelion came from France and Benjamin Franklin brought the Chinese tallow.

Today, 5,000 of the 22,000 plants found in the United States are from other countries.
A report from Cornell University says 98 percent of our nations food comes from introduced species such as wheat, rice, cattle and other livestock.

We have turned into a nation of Johnny Appleseed's. Seeds for plants of all types
are hitch hiking on planes, trains, cars, shoes and in the digestive systems of birds and mammals.

What is this phenomena and who is this person who gave us this name, "Johnny Marijuana Seed?"

Johnny Marijuana Seed is the ideal of the Great, Great, Grand Child of the legendary "Johnny Appleseed."

Johnny Appleseed is the nickname given to one John Chapman.
Born on a Monday in apple-cider time on September 26, 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Its now fabled that Johnny began his nomadic life after having a dream in which he had a vision
of a world filled with apple trees in bloom and where no one had to go hungry. He then set out to fulfill that dream.

For forty-nine years he roamed the American wilderness, devotedly planting apple trees from seeds he had collected from cider presses in Pennsylvania.
He created apple orchards in the wildernesses of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.
Spanning an estimated area of 100,000 square miles; some of these trees are still bearing fruit after 150 years.

"Johnny Appleseed" was not just a scatterer of seeds as many people believed, he was a practical nurseryman.
He realized that there was a real need and an opportunity for service in supplying both the seed and the seedlings.
He unwittingly promoted the earliest American forms of intoxication.
Hard cider was to be made from apple cider and gave Americans their first form of acceptable relaxation; alcohol.
Beer making wouldn't come into vogue for many years.
Visit the "time line" at Johnny Marijuana to educate yourself
about the installation and later repeal of the Alcohol Prohibition Era.
Organized crime came into existence because of the laws created against alcohol.
So did Law Enforcement Agencies bent on fulfilling their roll as "antagonists/protagonists."

Apples originated in Asia and were first grown in Europe more than 5,000 years ago.
Apples came to America with the pilgrims in 1629 and made their debut in Pennsylvania in the 1680s
at orchards planted by the Swedish settlers along the Delaware River near Philadelphia.

"Hemp" was also among these seeds brought to America by the pilgrims. Before the civil war,
hemp (marijuana) was the largest cash crop in America second only to cotton.
In 1794 George Washington encouraged the young American colonists to, "make the most of the hemp seed... sow it everywhere."
Editorial Note; We should be doing this today. Washington wanted us to stay independent of other nations for our needs.
Hemp gave us ropes, sails, oils for cooking, and heating, clothing, light, building materials, medicines, and over 50,000 other useful products.

In 1920 the U.S. Department of Agriculture published a pamphlet urging Americans to grow cannabis (marijuana, hemp) as a profitable undertaking.

Hemp laws were established at a time when synthetic fibers were in their infancy
and corrupt governmental leaders arranged for our laws to crush hemp as a competitor
further undermining our agricultural infrastructure.
Albeit, when the rubber hits the road, wars have been structured to protect agricultural interests
when those resources are on foreign soils... such as the Viet Nam War, which was designed to protect Big Businesses interest$ of rubber trees.
When the Japanese cut off our supply of hemp from Manila, Philippines...
in 1942, the U. S. Government distributed 400,000 pounds of cannabis seeds to farmers from Wisconsin to Kentucky.
The U.S.D.A. required farmers to attend showings of the pro-cannabis classic, "Hemp For Victory."

Johnny Appleseed was a nickname for John Chapman, a true American hero and legend.
Johnny Marijuana Seed is a nickname for another true life American hero - YOU!

You are encouraged to "Strew hemp seeds everywhere!" In the highways and byways, in the ditches
and the thoroughfares of the cities in which we live; the outdoor passageways that connect us to each other.

Do this.

Don't just think about it, actually take a walk and toss those seeds in the most moist places you can find. In this way you recycle the seeds you are given in the bounty you receive. (Of course if the seeds you happen to get are of a particularly fine quality then put those in a pot on the back porch.) If you have any extra, by all means, share!

It is to be understood of course that for the medicinal form of marijuana seeds are the last thing you wish to behold your crop producing. They tend to make the potency of the Female plants reduced but shit happens and you can recoup some of your diginity by allowing them to fruit out in this manner instead of simply pulling them out by the roots and starting a new crop... that is unless you are growing indoors.

Give back to the good Earth that supports your life. Ask your "kind" friends if they'll save their seeds for you for this purpose.
Maybe ask them to take a walk with you.

We, American citizens, can't fight city hall or purchase lawyers to get laws passed by Congress like Big Business does...
but we can inundate the highways and byways
with the NATURAL GOD GIVEN SEEDS that go through our lives.
Get in your cars and spread the seeds in the ditches.

Toss them in your public places and over the fences that separate us.
Get your local rich person to take you up in their airplanes and dump hemp seeds out the windows over every parcel of land you can.

My dream as the author of the legend of Johnny Marijuany is for marijuana to be decriminalized
by reclassifying it from a Schedule I Controlled Substance to some level
so hemp could then be once again grown in this country and allow for over 50,000 products to be created,
thereby freeing us from the international terror of having our resources held ransom.

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Thank you!

(Pssss.... together we can make the difference. )

"Spread the Word ... Spread the Seed... Imagine The Harvest!"

(Oh yeah, and vote at your next local election! Mark it on your calendar! Do it!)


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