Emperor of Hemp - The Video

Emperor Of Hemp Video Cover


This video tells the tale of cult folk hero Jack Herer, author of the hempster Bible "The Emperor Wears No Clothes." It also delves into the controversial issues of marijuana prohibition. See why Bill Maher of "Politically Incorrect" calls this video "a triumph for the open-minded." With songs by Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh, Cheap Trick, The Rascals and others. Narrated by Peter Coyote. Color and black & white. VHS. Running time: 59 minutes.

Emperor of Hemp is an antidote to all the anti-pot propaganda you were taught in DARE class. The startling new film presents the true facts about an amazing plant and reveals the real reasons for marijuana prohibition. It tells the David & Goliath tale of Jack Herer, a cult folk hero recently named High Times Man of the Century.

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