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"Johnny Marijuany" with
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This song Placed "Top Ten" with the New Vibe 2000
Song Contest in Canada
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Judges comments:
"We found your material to be very enjoyable!
First of all, the beat is very catchy.
It makes the audience want to hum along, or sing along.
It is somewhat controversial material,
but presented in a very funny, user-friendly,
non-threatening, and down-home way.
The vocals are very clear and powerful.
The quality of the CD is second to none.
It is obviously very professionally done.
The instruments seem to be blended perfectly,
and adds so much to the song.
You have a "hook", your music says something,
and is meaningful and powerful,
maybe without even trying to be.
For your talent, creativity,
and for daring to be different,
you are to be highly recommended."

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CD contains four versions of Johnny Marijuany.
Version 1: Full Song (4:55 min.)
Version 2: Karaoke version (4:55)
Version 3: Music Only (4:55)
Version 4: Hallucinogenic (4:55)

Please Note:
A portion of each sale is directed to support NORML - the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws. Every cent counts toward liberating our favorite source of happiness. Please do not commit piracy with this particular CD by making it available for free as an MP3 file. Your purchases go toward a very good cause. We are providing you with a discount when you
purchase of a six-pack of CD's for giving as gifts to your friends or for selling at your store.


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