Meditation Room


Take a deep hit... hold it... now... blow it out long and hard.

Feel waves of relaxation melt through your body...


Now picture yourself by the side of a river and you step into it... feeling the wetness engulf your feet up to your ankles. Take another deep hit and release very gently. Hear the sounds around you and begin to feel their vibration. You notice a wind come up and smell the sweet fragrance... the aromatic essence of a garden drifting on the breeze.

You can feel the sand beneath your feet. The flowing water is moving bits of sand across the tops of them. Walk toward the direction the water is coming from and hear the water splashing. Feel the water hard against your shins.

Soon you follow the edge of the river to a soft blanket of moss and walk up to a wonderful sea of flowers. As far as you can see and off into the distance you spy a gazebo covered in vines. Strolling up to it and entering you sit on the bench made of wood.

There is a sense of wonder as a soft light begins to glow above you. Take another deep hit and feel yourself rise slowly out of your body. Ever so gently you lift into the air above your body and stretching out you begin to spin around... spinning round and round... you're free. You can only sense where the pull of gravity used to be beneath you.

Kick off against the edge of the gazebo and leave it falling away from you as you rise higher and higher. Curling up into a ball, then unfolding quickly to create another spin.

Gliding above the ground now you can really see just how far the sea of flowers goes... hill after rolling hill and yet afar off into the distance for there are no hills or mountains in sight there is a rainbow climbing across the sky.

Turning around you spot the wooded valley surrounding the river, winding off as far as you eye can see in both directions. Like a velvety green snake curled for movement.

Picking up speed you flash past the river and soar across another sea of flowers, multicolored splashes of light. You are finally flying above ground the way you always dreamed it would be.

Performing the most enjoyable air stunts you weave and spin and twirl around. This is quite nice and as you close your eyes to give thanks you float ever so gently back down to the ground.

This has been quite an adventure and now open your physical eyes feeling refreshed and alert... and with renewed certainty as you continue your day.



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