Meditation Room

A waft of sandalwood incense accentuates the ambiance of the room as the quietness of peace descends upon your consciousness... give thanks for the time and space affording you this luxury.

Considerations of what you do next ... and how things are progressing lately ... have filled your mind ... but now its time to suspend all that and let your mind wander into places its never been before. Places that let you see the beauty of truth and goodness, the truth of beauty and goodness and the goodness of truth and beauty. Only ask ... that the Great Mind fill your mind with thoughts of Its design.

Now ... let your mind drift far away to a secluded wooded valley ... and ... find yourself walking alongside a crippled creek. Sunbeams filter down through the forested canopy lighting bushes and shrubbery as you spy a clearing ... in the very middle of the clearing ... you find a very attractive silence. Wandering down ... toward this bare-naked, earthen circle, you hear the voices of children singing far away and shouting as if from a long distance off, like from within a tunnel or deep inside some long-dripping cave.

Feeling the warmth of the sunlight envelop your body, and ... take into appreciation the grandeur of this church of nature, this temple of life. You hear the singing getting stronger and stronger, close your eyes again and you're surrounded by a ring of children from many distant lands and other sights and sounds called home. They're all singing ... filling the air with a New Light emanating from the very center of the circle you're in. Electric pulses move this place with a life of its own ... and the forest lights up with a shimmering from within... a new day is dawning.

Keeping your eyes closed (in your mind) look into a globe of light you spot in the very center of the circle ... find yourself mesmerized by what you see ... a vision of truth, beauty and goodness surrounding you from the people who fill the worlds of your life and dreams.

What ancients have referred to as "the kingdom of heaven", you now see in a whole new way ... of being ... and being within this paradigm you begin to descend upon the shore of your consciousness ... your connection to mind is a shimmering lake of a brand new consciousness. Vibrating with the anticipation of great things to come.

Within this globe of light ... in the very center of the circle ... you see a temple of life ... and ... you stroll toward it over green rolling fields of flowering clover. Surrounding this magnificent structure are Lilacs and Roses, Russian Olive Trees and gardenias... the scent is universally intense. Walking up to the gleaming surface of smooth polished marble you begin to comprehend the quiet peace of the place. Entering you find yourself standing in the midst of angels unseen. Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it for a moment ... now... blow out long and slow ... feeling life filling your lungs with love. This love is yours ... to be nurtured by, and nourished by. This love is for you to consume and become one with. This love is for you to do with as you will. This love is all that ever need be. This love is yours forever. This love reflects upon you as a person. This love makes you want to live longer and longer each time around life's circle. This love is what you would expect from heaven. This love you find in the eyes of your brothers and sisters ... as you encounter them in your daily comings' and goings'. This love is as you will it to be. This love makes your dreams come true. This love flowers like a fine bud in your heart as we speak. This love carries you through the night of your soul. This love ignites your passion for more truth, beauty and goodness. This love becomes you as you become it. This love shines in your smile as you let the lightness of being and cheerfulness of spirit introduce you to your friends and associates. This love lets you realize who your brothers and sisters truly are. This love helps you see the angels surrounding you night and day. This love desires that you take it ... with all your might and squeeze every ounce you can out of it. This love hope you will become it one day and let it become you. This love takes every turn in the bend of life you find and always upholds you as you make your mistakes and learn to deal with all the facets of struggling for existence in the midst of a barbaric and strange world. This love never abandons you ... even in the darkest light. This love gives every beat of your heart a new chance to make more love. This love goes on and on and on and on...

Now open your eyes and see that only illusions and illumination changes reality, only imagination helps you find your way, only vivid faith believingly blends your possibilities into reality dreams.

Now... while you are in this wonderful place please help us visualize something that needs to happen in our world... our society... our nation's. This "fantasy visualization " can become reality if enough people would only give it the attention of a moments prayer ... to the father and mother of us all. This we pray ... "Change our governments' policies toward the "War on Drugs." To wean our Government off the money it makes from this attrocious industry of prohibition.

Hemp has existed around us for hundreds of thousands of years, and according to the Urantia Papers... mankind's recent history will have to be rewritten ... as we unearth the remnants of cities from hundreds of thousands of years ago. The flooded shoreline of an ancient inland sea now the Mediterranean Coastline will give up secrets of long ago and beloved religious convictions of our earth being only 5,000 years old will have to be thrown out the window.

We need to see a time in our mind when Hemp is legal again to grow in the United States and the world at large, and that the medicinal values of this highly human compatible plant be used for healing and recreational purposes as well. We need to quit throwing our children in jail and promoting a black market underground. We need to give ourselves a chance for a sustainable future where the fuel we consume is created by a plant that can help to clean the air of our atmosphere as is grows and which is long over due for a major bath and cleansing. Hemp can be used for tens of thousands of things and we can find a profitable alternative to a petroleum based industry.

Help us visualize what our world will be like as hemp is once again allowed to be used as fuel, food, and clothing... used for constructing houses and forming the bodies of cars and trucks. Used for oiling our machines and providing farmers with ethical uses of their lands.

Pray for a peaceful solution to our current dehumanizing war on drugs. Hemp has no place on a list of controlled substances which are declared to be contraband and denied us possession by a Business - Bought, - Run and - Owned Government.

Rise up and take action... write to your local representatives and ask that they contribute to the normalization of the laws regarding hemp. Ask them to represent your interests not just ...those who can give them the most "under-the-table" money.

Please help us put a message in a box, put the box into the car, and drive that car around the world 'till it gets heard... till it gets heard... till it gets heard.


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