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Fuel Of The Future On Drawing Board Today!

Bio-massoline to make North American Debut this July 4th 2001

Tired of being held hostage to greedy Public Utilities? Had enough with soaring rate hikes?

Hemp fueled car set to depart on historic 10,000+ mile journey this coming July 4th. This North American expedition aims to demonstrate the viability of industrial hempseed oil as a solution to our current crisis of dependency on foreign petroleum.

As American farmers are being forced to cease growing the deadly tobacco plant they are pleased to discover the next most profitable crop is ready, healthy and waiting only for the blessing of the U.S. Government.

Amy Wells, Grayson Sigler and Kellie Ogilvie created the project to demonstrate the utility of hemp to car crazy Americans. "Hemp fuels have been used for over 10,000 years," says Ogilvie. "Evidence suggests that hemp prohibition was foisted on us in the 1930's by an industrial cabal who were intent on dominating the emerging fuel and fiber markets. There is no reasonable argument for the prohibition of hemp."

"If hemp were legal to grow in the U.S., technologies such as pyrolysis would make hemp fuels economically competitive with petro fuels," says Sigler. "The emissions associated with the use of hemp fuels are far less toxic than for fossil fuels, and hemp helps remediate global warming by absorbing CO2 from the air while it's growing."

"All of the research needed to implement these environmental fuels has been done, what's needed now is consumer demand," says Wells. "We need to educate the public and develop an infrastructure that begins with farmers and ends at the fuel tank."

Our message to the U.S. Government is;

"We the people of the United States
want the hemp laws reformed
so that hemp can be used for the good of the people."

"We will put this message in a box, put the box into the car, and drive the car around the world... till it gets heard!"


Sponsors, finaciers, crew members, and other supporters can email crew@hempcar.org

You can visit their online site at Hemp Car

TransAmerican Hemp Car